First Friends Child Care

Infant & Baby Care

A loving and stimulating environment.

Unlike larger centers in the Bucks County area, we accept only eight infants between the ages of 6 weeks and 22 months in our program. This permits us to give personalized attention and individualized care.

Each baby is on his/her own schedule, regardless of their age. They have their own cribs, eat only food provided by parents and eat all their meals in high chairs.

The same caregivers spend the entire day with our babies. We help them explore their world using all their senses: taste, touch, sound, sight and smell. Babies are encouraged to grow, learn, talk and walk. And most importantly, they are hugged, played with, sung to and just fussed over by our loving, caring staff!

We do not accelerate our babies into the toddler program prematurely. It’s common practice in other centers to move babies at 13 months into a “young toddler” room where they are expected to take one nap a day (on a mat or cot), eat at a table and participate in activities that may be developmentally inappropriate. At 22 months, and after a lengthy transition process, we move our children at their own pace into our toddler room.

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