First Friends Child Care


Our First Friends Program

Our Philosophy…
Learning through play

It’s our philosophy that learning through play should be an integral part of every child’s development. By playing and making first friends, children acquire a positive self-image, one of the most important building blocks in a child’s emotional, social, physical and cognitive growth.

Through creative play children learn to share, communicate, to problem solve and build friendships. Basic educational concepts are always presented in a non-stressful way and are incorporated into the children’s daily activities.

“If you believe as I do, then come and play at
First Friends.”


We encourage a child’s natural curiosity and creativity. We avoid using pre-printed worksheets. Children create their own art projects, stories and fantasies.

I believe that children need to experience life through the use of their five senses. For example: seeing a chick hatch from an egg, smelling a flower, hearing a rain-stick, tasting guacamole or feeling a pinecone. Children should spend their days having fun and being happy.


It’s important to build strong, stable relationships between the children and their caregivers. So, in our program, babies are with the same caregivers for 22 months, toddlers for one year and preschoolers are with the same teachers for 2-3 years.


Arts and crafts, science activities, field trips, music and movement, drama and group conversations are just a few of the reasons your child will look forward to days spent at First Friends. In fact, most of the children start as infants and stay through preschool.


This community of teachers, parents and children encourages strong relationships of trust and love. This matchless support system is at the core of all our children’s social and emotional development and this social confidence goes with them as they enter elementary school ready to make new friends.

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